The instructions provided on this website are intended to help you get started quickly using Docker. They are by no means an exhaustive list of all of Docker's functionality, but can be used as a guide for someone who is exploring container technology for the first time.

This website was created for educational purposes based on our experience using Docker at Jantcu, a Boston based web development firm. We do not own any rights to Docker’s trademarks, nor are we the core maintainers for the project. If you are seeking the official documentation for Docker, please see

Our goal was to create an easy to follow guide that was limited in scope in order to avoid overwhelming a newcomer with advanced Docker concepts. If you are anything like the developers at Jantcu, you may have heard a lot about Docker at meetups and conferences, but haven’t quite had the “Aha” moment that has convinced you invest in learning more about it. Our team was coming from a world of VM’s and Vagrant, so we found it helpful to approach Docker from that perspective. Once we learned the basic concepts that way, it opened a whole world of possibilities.